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Your SAP cyber security solution

CAIBERP is a rising star in SAP cyber security solutions. Before releasing their first product CaiberP spent years analyzing the pain points caused by existing SAP security solutions. As a consequence they keep receiving very encouraging feedback from their customers.


Uncovers all relevant SAP cyber risks and prioritizes them based on company-specific criteria


Analyzes your SAP ABAP transports for malware before you deploy them

From day one it has been CaiberP’s philosophy to help customers reduce their SAP cyber risk to an acceptable level with full support of a team of highly skilled experts. Instead of just selling tools, CaiberP want to solve the most important SAP cyber security risks of any of their customers.

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    In combination, our Relevan-C and Transparen-C products detect both: critical vulnerabilities in an SAP landscape that can be exploited by hackers as well as the presence of malware.

    Relevan-C monitors your SAP landscape for critical cyber security risks, including system hardening, patch management, basic permissions, network connections and custom developments.

    Transparen-C monitors your SAP transports for malware and your SAP landscape for malware activities. The main focus here is on the early detection of automated attacks.

    The technical impact on your SAP server is extremely small. Relevan-C installs a data interface on ABAP systems that is called via RFC, starts a background job and requires a technical user account with predefined rights. Precise details are provided in our technical white paper on Relevan-C, which you can download here.

    Updates for Relevan-C are usually released monthly. Updates for Transparen-C are released whenever we have new findings about malware. You can either install updates automatically or download them manually from our systems and install them yourself.

    There are 3 models:
    1. A permanent licence (“perpetual licence”) where you pay for the software once and can use it unlimitedly.
    2. A rental licence (“Subscription”), where you can rent the software on a yearly basis.
    For these two models you should have a maintenance contract.
    3. A project licence, which allows you to use the software within the framework of a project (for the entire duration of this project).

    A maintenance contract gives you access to all released updates / upgrades / releases / versions of our software, as well as new analysis patterns.
    In addition, you receive help in case of potential problems with the installation.

    A project licence runs for the entire duration of a project, but not longer than 3 months.

    You can cancel your licence or subscription at any time. In this case, the licence will continue to run until the end of the calendar year. 

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    Click here for a free Whitepaper which provides all relevant information about Relvan-C.

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