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What is Relevan-C?

Relevan-C is a central analysis system that uncovers all relevant SAP cyber risks and prioritizes them based on company-specific criteria.

Additionally, Relevan-C can perform customized compliance checks that correspond to individual company policies. A security history provides information at any time about the success of implemented measures and the occurrence of new risks.

Central – Smart – Efficient


Reliable priorities

Our innovative analysis logic calculates a unified risk rating per vulnerability. As a result, all vulnerabilities in the landscape can be consistently assessed and prioritized. You invest your resources where they are needed most.


Amazing performance

The analyses do not cause to any significant load in daily operations. Even large landscapes can be fully examined overnight.


Future-proof investment

Every relevant risk that comes onto the radar screen of our research and every further development of the software is already covered by the license.


Minimal installation

Relevan-C is designed to be installed on-premise in a minimally invasive manner. As a result, our solution can be deployed rapidly and avoids high maintenance costs. And organizations retain sole control over their data.


Expert knowledge as software

Relevan-C’s testing logic is based on the knowledge our team has gained over many years of SAP penetration testing. Respectively, the recommendations for mitigating the risks are well-founded. And if tricky problems arise, our experts are available to advise you.


State-of-the-art analytics

The technical criticality of a risk is always determined in the context of all relevant influencing factors and dependencies. This is the only way to determine whether a vulnerability can actually have a negative impact.


Holistic Risk Analysis

Attackers target the weakest link in the defense. Therefore, Relevan-C examines critical SAP cyber risks in the domains of system hardening, basis authorizations, architecture, patch management, network security, encryption, custom code, interfaces.


Customer Stories

"Since we started using Relevan-C, the effort for cyber security tasks is clearly manageable and plannable. Compared to competitor tools, the number of false positive findings has dropped rapidly. At the same time, Relevan-C offers a holistic view of our system landscape and the possibility to determine our "risk appetite" ourselves based on facts. For us, the introduction of Relevan-C has therefore been a forward-looking step in order to meet the significantly increasing requirements with regard to cyber security in the banking environment."

A manager in banking

"We were looking for a central cockpit to monitor all SAP cyber security risks in our landscape. With Relevan-C we are able to focus our resources where they are needed most."

A manager in automotive

"Relevan-C provides a centralized dashboard with analytical patterns that cover a large variety of technical aspects. The capability to scan our entire system landscape uncovered critical cross-system risks which otherwise would have never been detected. Over the years, we installed lots of 3rd party tools. In comparison, we found Relevan-C easy to install and update. It also worked right out of the box."

A manager in real estate


Last updated: March, 2023

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