Transparen-C Paula van Besel May 26, 2023

The perfect maleware solution

Transparen-C analyzes your SAP ABAP transports for malware before you deploy them.

Your first line of defense


Zero installation

Transparen-C is based on WebAssembly. You access our solution with a browser, the browser compiles and executes it on your hardware. On the fly. You are productive immediately. Transparen-C is a cloud solution that keeps you in full control of your data.


Immediate results

Even large transports can be analyzed within seconds. Your security team will get instant insights into security risks caused by transports from an untrusted origin.


Expert knowledge base

Transparen-C’s testing logic is based on know-how our team has gained over many years of SAP cyber security testing and malware research. Respectively, even advanced stealth techniques can be discovered. And in case of questions, our experts are available to advise you.


Addressing an emerging problem

We see a rise in cyber attacks via the supply chain. Solution providers are increasingly becoming a target in order to attack their larger customers. Transparen-C strives to shield your company from this attack vector.


You need more information?

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